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It’s All in Our Name…

 It’s All in Our Name…….

The ancient tale by Aesop describes a young cicada that chirps and sings and bathes in the sun all day while his friend, an ant, works tirelessly to ensure food is gathered and shelter built to support his family through winter. As we all know, the cicada’s ways will not sustain his survival long term.

Like cicada, individuals and communities in this time must become wiser about sustainable practises, making conscious choices in order to maintain our own health and the health of the planet.

Winner of the Prestigious ANZ Newmarket Business Excellence Awards Supreme Winner 2014 and Most Sustainable Business Award 2017

Your favourite organic grocery store, organic vegan cafe, holistic clinic and natural supplement store.
We have everything to support your healthy, ethical lifestyle under one roof.

88 Broadway, Newmarket, Auckland
Open 8am – 7pm Weekdays & 9am – 6pm Weekends (Cafe services closes 6pm daily)

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