Seleno Health Maca – The People and Ethics Behind Your Food

When people meet Dr Corin Storkey and Sally Huapaya, the young couple behind Seleno Health maca, they cannot help but become immediately engaged in their story and the passion with which they promote their maca brand.

Sally’s family are from the Junin region of Peru and she grew up immersed in the farming culture of the Andes that defines the Incan descendants of the region. The Jujin area is the home of maca. This therapeutic Andean plant only grows above 3800m in a tiny area of high mountain plateau in the region.

In the face of burgeoning international interest, consumerism and in some cases exploitation directed towards this Peruvian industry, Sally and Corin have made it their purpose to help protect the traditional farming techniques and cultural systems surrounding maca in the region.

They have also created an agricultural model that is ethical and sustainable for everybody involved. Aligning with farmers in a combined goal of benefiting the Incan farming community in their town of San Jose de Quero.

Dr Corin Storkey holds a PhD in medicinal chemistry from the University of Melbourne, Australia and the Heart Research Institute – Sydney, Australia. His knowledge of the scientific biochemistry of maca and how it translates to medicinal applications is vast. Corin’s medicinal explanation of traditional methods of preparation and consumption is fascinating. He can inform you with passion and first hand experience of the potential of maca as a therapeutic.

Their workshops are a unique learning opportunity, Sally’s first hand and generational understanding of the significance of maca and Corin’s scientific and holistic health knowledge and research on maca, combined with their efforts to support the maca farming communities, equates to a compelling experience. That educational experience is the unifying quotient where we too become involved and take responsibility via our conscious purchasing choices, knowing that the farmer is paid fairly and traditional sustainability practises are preserved for the land.

Sally and Corin also sell Peruvian textiles and clothing supplied by their community, with full proceeds going to a fund to help the children of their local school.

Their eco-tourism model and volunteer program in Peru are an amazing opportunity for you to travel to Jujin with Sally and Corin and experience what a maca harvest is all about alongside the locals.

Under Corin’s direction Seleno Health is also undertaking research with the High-altitude Research Centre (Peru) and Victoria University of Wellington to further understand the science, biochemistry and medicinal modes of action behind maca.

View a Video About the Current Maca Farming Exploitation Risks in Peru HERE

Learn More About Sally and Corin’s Volunteer and Social Responsibility Programme HERE

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