Wise Cicada Chef’s Vegan Paella Recipe

Organic Vegan Paella – Wise Cicada Style -Serves 6-8


Olive oil-4 T
Garlic, chopped-1 T
Onions, medium, finely chopped-2 ea
Italian flat leaf parsley, chopped-1 C
Carrots, medium, finely chopped-2 each
Green capsicum, chopped-1 each
Tomatoes, chopped-1 can (350 gms)
Smoked paprika-2 T
Turmeric-1 t
Salt to taste.

Heat oil in a pan. Add onions, saute until soft. Add garlic and stir for a minute.

Add parsley, carrots and capsicum. Saute well.

Add tomatoes, spices and simmer until the oil separates from the mix.

Season with salt and keep aside.

Remaining Ingredients:
Short grain rice (Bomba) or Long grain rice (basmati)-rinsed in water and soaked for 30 minutes.—2 C
Olive oil-3 T
Green beans, topped and tailed –half C
Red and yellow capsicum, thick strips-1 C
Tonzu Vegetarian sausages-1 pkt, sautéed in oil and cut into half.
Green peas, fresh or frozen-half C
Tempeh-cut into strips and blanched in water for 2 minutes , drained-half C
Garnish: lemon wedges-1 each
Water or vegan stock- 5 C

Heat half the oil in a paella pan, saute the drained rice until fragrant. Remove.

Heat remaining oil in the pan, add tempeh and veg and saute for a minute or two. Add sausages and saute. Add sofrito and mix well.

Add rice, saute. Add water/stock, cover with foil and cook in oven or open cook on a Paella stove top.

Garnish with lemon and serve hot.             


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