DJ Kimba Jade Performs at Wise Cicada Sun 2 Dec 12-2 pm

Join us Sun 2 Dec to enjoy the sound offerings bought to Wise Cicada by DJ Kimba Jade

Kimberley Jade is a Kinesiologist, Coach, Sound Therapist and DJ.  Her passion is music, exploring sound, its healing benefits and dance meditations. She started DJing in 2000 and based in Sydney for 7 years, DJed professionally in Bars, Clubs and Festivals over Australia until she had the realisation that there was more to just playing at parties and followed her urge within to come from a more conscious and transformational level, within herself and her audience.

Kimba Jade has incorporated her passion for taking people on a healing journey via music that stimulates the heart. Her sets are special and in 432 Hertz frequency, which is our bio-energetic system, it’s nature, our heartbeat. Kimba Jade infuses earthy and etheric tunes with her love of deep tech.

Kimba Jade runs Embodied Dance Movements and Be Free Ecstatic Dance events around Auckland. She is also resident DJ for Emote and plays at events and festivals. She has a Kinesiology & Sound Therapy clinic in Auckland where she assists people to achieve the most out of their lives.

Listen to Kimba Jade HERE


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