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NEW ‘Seed Super Greens’ Powders

New on the Superfood Aisle – SEED Super Greens
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Three Great Formulas – Natural Energy Support – Immunity and Antioxidant Support – Skin Hair & Nail Support

Great tasting and ideal for family members of all ages, this NZ brand is an exciting addition to our shelves. It ticks all the good food boxes at Wise Cicada – Seed Super Greens is a local company, using  high quality, organic ingredients, ethically sourced and sustainably packaged at a price that is accessible. ($37 – $69)

The superior freeze drying process these superfood powders have undergone, means they’ve retained 98% of the original nutrients existing in the raw ingredients (unlike heat drying which strips most of this good stuff). The cellular make-up is not exposed to or damaged by intense heat and therefore nutrients remain safely intact.

All ‘Seed Super Greens’ packaging is either re-usable, biodegradable or recyclable. With respect for the planet it pays to select the gorgeous bamboo jars at your first purchase so you can subsequently replenish using the biodegradable bag options. They are very aesthetic for your home and reasonably priced for their quality.

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