Rose Quartz – ‘Loving Vibes’ – Wise Cicada Crystal Profile

The soft, blush pink tones of rose quartz are calming and soothing. The stone is said to help promote receptivity to beauty, attract and promote love, heal emotional distress and promote self trust and self worth. Judy Hall author of ‘The Crystal Bible’ says, ‘This stone draws off negative energy and replaces it with loving vibes.’

Chemistry: SiD2 Silicon Dioxide with Impurities
Chakra: Heart
Origin: South Africa, USA, Japan, India, Madagascar, Germany
Supports: Unconditional Love – Nurturance – Peace & Calm – Tension Reduction – Reassurance – Harmony – Trust – Support Through Trauma & Grief – Strengthening of Empathy & Sensitivity

Perhaps we should all carry a chunk of rose quartz in our pocket or place a piece in a corner of our homes to support our relationships with both ourselves and others. You will find beautiful pieces of cut and uncut rose quartz and encounter knowledgeable staff at Wise Cicada organic store and cafe 88 Broadway, Newmarket, Auckland. Come in and check out our crystal selection soon.

(Ref: The Crystal Bible: Judy Hall; Octopus
Publishing 2007)

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