The Secret of Water – A Special Presentation with Veda Austin of Lemurian Springs

‘The Secret of Water’ – A Special Presentation from Veda Austin of Lemurian Springs 
Tuesday 28 November 6.30 – 8pm @ Wise Cicada 
Free Event with Optional Dinner Combo Deal
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Join Lemurian Springs founder and water researcher Veda Austin to hear some of her story, and much more about her latest research and findings on the special healing properties of water. Get a new perspective on the water that we all drink and just what choosing the right water can do for our health.

Lately Veda has been doing a lot of work with the special imprints or imagery which she calls ice signatures that can be found in water that is frozen after being exposed to different things (Much along the lines of work done by Laurent Costa and Dr Masaru Emoto). You can see more on her website Ice Signatures.  Veda says ‘It’s a joy for me to be able to combine science with art, and bring people into a liquid wonder world.’

Optional Cafe Combo Deal $20 for any Main + Tea or Coffee on the night for all guests.

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Welcome to the secret world of water

Join researcher, author & founder of Lemurian Springs NZ, Veda Austin, as she reveals the many hidden secrets of water.

Veda works alongside some of the top scientists in the field of structured water, and her desire to make a positive difference in the world is obvious with the work she’s doing.

Her journey has not been an easy one. She was in a terrible car crash, suffering severe injuries. During one of her 8 operations, surgeons found blood clots in her lungs, on top of which she was diagnosed with stage 4 endometriosis. After spending years looking for natural ways to help heal her body, Veda discovered a magical type of water…and it completely changed her life and health for the better. In fact she wrote an entire book on her discoveries called ‘The Youth Molecule’. This in turn led her on a photographic journey, experimenting with ice. Her upcoming book, ‘The Secret Life of Water’, captures water’s unique ability to communicate in unbelievable frozen imagery..

Living with an attitude of gratitude daily, Veda believes that positive intention is the cornerstone of positive change.

Veda will share:

*The link between water and consciousness

*The 4th phase of water

*The reason why you may be struggling with weight-loss even though you’re drinking a lot of water.

*What exactly “Structured” water is … why it is so fragile … and so important to our existence

*How certain water can help you look younger and slow down the ageing process

*The amazing mysteries and synergies of salt and water,  what they have to do with your cellular memory, and why the Ancients considered them holy

*And lastly she poses the question, “Where did water originate from, is it conscious, and can it communicate?”


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