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Maca Benefits – Seleno Health Maca – Incan Superfood

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What is Maca?

In Peru maca is often labelled as the ‘food of the God’s’ and has been a staple source of nutrition by the Inca for centuries. It is a root vegetable commonly consumed to promote energy, vitality, virility, hormone balance, and fertility. It is also a Peruvian natural remedy to combat stress and fatigue. In studies maca supplementation has been shown to increase natural hormone production, balance and vitality in both men and women when consumed daily over the duration of a month or more. Additional studies have shown it to be beneficial in managing menopausal and menstrual symptoms in women and libido enhancing for men and women. Maca consumption has also been linked to improvements in mental health, cognition and mood enhancement.

How Maca Works:

Maca is promoted to have many beneficial effects on both overall energy and vitality. Dried maca powder compositionally contains about 59% carbohydrate, 10% protein, and a lipid content of 3% with a number of potent sterols (plant steroids), glucosinolates, vitamins, minerals and other trace metabolites. Maca is nutritionally rich but the activity as an adaptogen comes from the metabolites within the bulb.

What makes maca unique is the presence of novel fatty acid derivatives  known as macamides and macaenes that play a vital role in the enhancement of hormone production, serotonin regulation and other cyclic adaptogenic effects. These macamides and macaenes act as Free Fatty Acid Amide Hydrolase (FAAH) inhibitors and allow preservation of your own natural circulating endocannabinoids. In particular, levels of your natural anandamide can be elevated with maca consumption as a result of FAAH inhibition, producing positive physiological effects on hormone production, neurotransmitter (serotonin) regulation, pain reduction, mood, neuro-protection and memory enhancement.

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