Amethyst – Crystal Profile ‘Harmony & Protection’

The beautiful violet prisms of an amethyst crystal are dense, cool and strengthening to hold. According to Judy Hall author of the ‘Crystal Bible’ the name amethyst is derived from the ancient Greek word for ‘being intoxicated’ and was worn to prevent drunkenness. Who knew it was a sobering purple stone….. that strengthens your resolve to abstain? It might be useful around the holiday season.

Chemistry: Silicon Dioxide with Iron
Chakra: Third Eye and Crown
Origin: Worldwide

Supports: Sleep and Meditation
Balance of Emotional Highs and Lows
Harmony of Physical, Mental and Emotional Bodies
Moderation of Over-excess
Mental Focus
Recurring Nightmares
Spiritual Protection
Negating Geopathic Stress

If you are ‘into ‘ crystals perhaps an amethyst is one of the very first specimens that you acquired. With all the positive things that amethyst supports, it is definitely a crystal for everyone. And don’t forget the good news, apparently it will help keep you sober.

Ref: The Encyclopedia of Crystals: Judy Hall: Fair Winds Press 2013

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