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VOSS Mineral Water Back on the Shelves @ Wise Cicada

It’s back by popular demand… so come on in to Wise Cicada and stock up on this excellent mineral water. it will keep you healthy and hydrated during this sweltering season change. The sleek glass bottle is worth coming in for alone – re-use it with style.

Bottled water purity is often determined by the level of minerals, or the ‘Total Dissolved Solids’, found in the water. When tested Voss TDS levels are extremely low compared to most bottled waters out there. This means the super clean, fresh taste of Voss is quite unique. Available in 375ml and 800ml glass bottles.

VOSS Water is the vision of Ole Christian Sandberg and Christopher Harlem, they grew up as boyhood friends in Oslo, Norway.

Norway is a small country with a very pristine environment. In Iveland, where you’ll find the VOSS source, is sparsely populated. This isolated location is where you’ll find some of the best spring and artesian water sources on Earth. The Voss archives state that Ole and Christopher knew instinctively that bottling this pure Norwegian artesian water would be a big hit with discerning consumers around the world.

Matching the purity of this Norwegian water with a distinctive, iconic bottle design that conveys the quality of the water is how VOSS was born. The success of VOSS comes from a clear vision of superior quality and design, and this vision has become a global ‘hit’. See Range

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