‘Forty Thieves’ – The People and Ethics Behind this Artisan Brand

Shyr and Brent, the two health conscious founders of ‘Forty Thieves’ exhibit an inspiring combination of energy, drive, talent and perseverance. As one of their first retail stockists, we first met the couple in 2016 at the Auckland Food Show showcasing their new brand. Since that time we have watched them grow their health focused range and the breadth of availability, starting out at local markets and slowly entering the mainstream grocery aisles, where their brand is providing new additive and refined sugar free, nutrient dense options for all.

In 2016, after seven months of traveling, the couple decided to make a change and rather than returning to the ‘grind’ of full time work, they imported a mill and began grinding artisan nut and seed butters combining all of their favourite, most-nutrient rich ingredients to create delicious jars of goodness.

Each batch of butter is carefully milled, blended, bottled and packaged by Brent and Shyr to ensure quality.

They say their ‘inspiration came from the story of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves, an adventure packed tale filled with hidden treasure, enchanted caves and the famous secret passcode: Open Sesame. Like the magical cave, their products are also packed with hidden gems; precious metals including magnesium, phosphorus, zinc and calcium. With a simple twist of the cap, these can all be unlocked and enjoyed – no secret passcode required.’    View Range HERE

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