Garnet – Crystal Profile – Increased Energy and Good Luck

Garnet – ‘Increased Energy & Good Luck’

These deep red chunks of crystal are named after the pomegranate (granatum) and as its colour suggests, the garnet is helpful in supporting the base chakra. A garnet is thought to imbue increased energy and awareness. It is considered to be a lucky stone, especially in business, and in tradition it was a stone used for engagement rings.

A garnet is thought to be a protective stone, especially if gifted from another. It is also thought to help open the heart and purify, energise and harmonise all the chakras, amplifying the effect of any other crystals around it.

Chemistry: Magnesium aluminium silicate with manganese, chromium and/or silicate
Chakra: Base, Heart – purifies and energises all
Origin: Europe, USA, South Africa, Australia
Supports: attracting love, dreaming, protection, energy levels, luck, devotion, balances libido, balances emotional disharmony, courage, hope, awareness.

Ref: The Encyclopedia of Crystals; Judy Hall; Fair Winds Press 2013

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