Need a Holiday Already? 10 Tips for Recharging Your Energy Levels Throughout 2018

The last public holiday of summer has passed and reality is encroaching…. most of us have a long list of professional and personal tasks, goals, projects, events and meaningful challenges to meet by the end of 2018.

If you’re wondering how you will find the energy to face them all with verve, positivity and alacrity (or just plain adequacy) we have some helpful lifestyle tips on offer:

  1. Optimise Digestion and Nutrient Assimilation:

    Your digestive system is a crucial axis for health, responsible for both the dissemination of nutrients into your bloodstream and organs as well as the elimination of waste and toxins. A bit like a compost bin in your back yard, it is a delicate ecosystem which must remain in balance in order to support your garden with the nutrients required to flourish (a dank, dead, sludgy compost bin will not help anything grow (not anything ‘good’ anyway).

    Enzymes and Beneficial Microbial Flora
    We like to promote a living, nourishing food-based approach first. Incorporating traditional cultured food groups like kefir and sauerkraut into your daily diet can ensure that your digestive system is optimised and efficiently assimilating the nutrients from your carefully curated, health conscious meals. Each person has different individual digestive needs and we encourage you to browse our varied natural digestive support supplements and chat with our in store naturopaths anytime.

    Our top picks: ‘The Kefir Company’ Coconut Water Kefir  ‘Be Nourished’ Sauerkraut Mad Millie DIY Kits Lifestream Digestive Support Range

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  2. Are You Adequately Hydrated?:

    The human body is primarily made up of water, every cell, tissue and organ in your body needs water to function, so it makes sense that without enough….. you will feel pretty bad. Hydration is a vital aspect of good health and wellbeing.

    Monitor how much water you drink each day and ensure that what you drink is of pure quality. Symptoms of dehydration include, increased thirst and a dry or sticky mouth, signs of fatigue, confusion or anger, dry eyes or blurred vision, headaches or disorientation, muscle cramps, lack of sweat, dark urine, fever and shrivelled dry skin.

    Our Top ‘Good’ Water Picks: ACE Bio Mineral Water Filter Lemurian Springs Mineral Water Ararimu Mineral Water  Living Water

  3. Eliminate Parasites:

    We’re not suggesting you have parasites, however if you have low energy levels that you are not ‘shaking off’  it may be worth considering whether or not you have a potential fungal overload (candida). Candida overgrowth causes lethargy, foggy headedness and will interfere with your assimilation of nutrients and immune system function.

    As well as invading the urogenital system, candida or a yeast infection can take hold throughout the digestive system, skin or respiratory system and even enter the bloodstream. Although occurring naturally in balance in the digestive system Candida can get out of control following, infection, medication (especially antibiotic use), times of stress and trauma, allergy or nutrient deficiency.

    We recommend you see a qualified practitioner for a diagnosis and before beginning any holistic antifungal protocols. Our top picks for antifungal support: Malcolm Harker Intestinal Cleanse Pau de Arco Neem Sulphur Soap

    If you suspect you may be suffering from an intestinal or blood/tissue parasite infection, the advice of a qualified practitioner is advised. A parasite infection can seriously compromise your energy levels and long term health. It is probably a good idea to schedule a regular preventative natural antiparasite cleanse if you live with pets, garden regularly or have a history of repeated infection.

    Our top picks for parasite elimination and prevention: Malcom Harker Intestinal Cleanse Brett Elliot Ultimate Herbal Detox Kit

  4. Check Up on Your Thyroid Balance:

    Your thyroid is an essential gland responsible for regulating many aspects of your health including energy levels. The pivotal functioning of the thyroid can be damaged by toxins, nutrient deficiencies and stress. Not surprisingly in our modern world, many suffer from a poorly functioning thyroid which can cause fatigue and lead to long term chronic health issues.

    Always consult a qualified practitioner/holistic medical doctor for thryroid function diagnosis and support protocols. Iodine rich foods like kelp and other seaweeds can support a sluggish thyroid (hypothyroidism) and help return your energy levels to better balance. A poorly functioning thyroid can be a serious issue, especially (overactive)  hyperthyroidism. Always seek the advice of a holistic medical doctor.

    Our Top Picks Pacific Harvest Seaweed Range  Harker Herbals Tonics & Elixirs   Clinicians Iodine

  5. Re-mineralise Your Body:

    It may be beneficial to top up your base-line mineral spectrum once in a while as a preventative to deficiency. Our modern, mainstream farming techniques have left soils and the food chain bereft of many main and trace minerals. As we know, NZ soil is naturally particularly low in selenium and iodine. Low iron and magnesium levels will also negatively impact upon your energy levels. Many people prefer taking their minerals in a colloidal form (which means suspended ionically in water). This is thought to provide greater absorption and efficacy and will often provide other trace mineral co-factors.

    Our top picks: Cellfood Biotrace CMD Biotrace Mineral Range TJ Clarke Colliodal Minerals Plant Rhythms Colloidal Minerals Fulvic Minerals Spatone

  6. Exercise:

    We all know that exercise is beneficial for our circulatory, respiratory and lymphatic systems, but it is also beneficial for our cognitive function. The brain requires a constant supply of oxygen and other chemicals delivered via the blood vessels. Physical exercise helps to circulate nutrient-rich blood efficiently throughout the body and keeps the blood vessels healthy. Exercise also increases the creation of mitochondria, the cellular structures that generate and maintain the energy in our muscles and in our brain. So by all means, dance; walk; cycle; swim; jog; play sport; paddle; practise yoga… etc

  7. Make Time for ‘You’:

    Be creative, be free, be adventurous, be thoughtful, be sporty, be academic, be sociable, be spontaneous, be in nature. In other words, make time to ‘be’ in the verb or adjective that makes you happiest. That means scheduling uninterrupted ‘you’ time. Turn off the phone, let others fend for themselves and become engrossed in a hobby or some ‘time out’ doing whatever makes you happy.

  8. Alkalise:

    Eat the whole-foods that make your body feel great in the ‘long term’ like vegetables, fruit, wholegrains, seeds, nuts and legumes.

    We all know that caffeine, refined sugar, alcohol, processed food and excessive amounts of saturated fats, meat and dairy may meet a need in the ‘short term’ as we work through our busy schedules, but in the ‘long term’ the overly acidic PH created within the body and the nutrient-parched nature of some of these foods may negatively affect us, decreasing energy, triggering inflammation and weakening the immune system.

    Foods with High Alkaline Forming Value; lemon, beetroot, apple, carrot , figs, kiwifruit spinach, parsley, watermelon, hazelnuts, kale, potato, buckwheat, millet, quinoa, apple cider vinegar

    Our top alkaline-related picks: Wise Cicada’s New Plant-based Organic Menu Chlorophyll Apple Cider Vinegar Lemurian Springs Alkaline Mineral Water  Ararimu Alkaline Mineral Water

  9. Give Your liver Some TLC:

    As well as processing fats and proteins from our food, the liver has to clear all toxins, including medications, smoke of any kind, chemicals, pesticides (organic food does matter), heavy metals, fluoride, chlorine etc. The more toxins go in, the more burdened your liver is.

    Foods containing high amounts of sulphur like garlic, legumes, onions, and eggs are beneficial for your liver as are sources of water-soluble fibre such as pears, oat bran, apples, and beans.
    The cabbage family vegetables especially broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, white and red radish, kale, watercress, horseradish, kohlrabi and artichokes, beets, carrots, dandelion will all support the liver in good function. Rest is also important, while you  sleep your liver flushes toxins and regenerates, so if you are not getting enough rest you are doing your liver a disservice. A poorly functioning liver may leave you feeling, irritable, tired and sluggish. In the long term that neglected liver may lead to more serious health problems, so give yours some ‘tender loving care’. We recommend you come in and chat to our qualified in store naturopaths and browse the comprehensive range of natural liver support supplements any time.

    Our Top Picks: Nature’s Way Super Thysilin Kiwiherb Liver Cleanse Brett Elliot Ultimate Herbal Detox Kit  Dandelion tea

  10. Nourish Your Lymphatic System:

    The lymphatic system’s network of tissues and organs helps rid the body of toxins, waste and other unwanted materials. By transporting lymph, a fluid containing infection-fighting white blood cells, throughout the body your lymphatic system plays a key role for immunity and overall health and wellbeing. It also regulates red blood cells in the body. With no pumping regulation to the lymphatic system, natural movement is what pushes lymph around the body, if you do not exercise regularly and stay hydrated the circulation of lymph may slow or stagnate. This could affect your energy levels, immunity and long term health.

    Our Top Picks: Burdock, Yogi Detox Tea, Cleavers

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