Get the Recipe: Wise Cicada’s Signature Acai Bowl Style

For years we’ve been blending acai with care and love at Wise Cicada café and we’ve always been committed to offering you only the best quality freshly frozen acai pulp for those energy and anthocyanin-packed, purple bowls and smoothies. We currently choose to use ‘Riversea’ Acai in the café.

As well as offering antioxidant support and digestive system support, acai is renowned for enhancing energy levels and performance. Perfect at breakfast time, or to sustain you during physical activity and sports.

Here’s Our Acai Bowl Recipe (Enjoy!)


50g Acai Pulp
½ Cup of Organic Blueberries,
1 Organic Banana,
200ml Almond Mylk,

Freeze dried raspberries,
½ banana,
organic desiccated coconut,


Blend to your heart’s content (or a thick smoothie/sorbet-like texture with no lumps)
Place in a beautiful bowl and arrange toppings with your choice of granola.

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