Organic Vegetables Not as Expensive as You Might Think

Rod (Our Produce Manager’s) best ‘Fruit ‘n’ Veg’ picks’ this week in May  include:

Certified organic Feijoa $6.90 kg
Certified organic Limes $13.00 Kg
Certified organic ‘Red Oak’ Lettuce $2.90 each
Certified organic ‘Agria’ Potatoes $2.90 kg
Certified organic Beetroot $5.90 kg
Certified organic Red Capsicum $1.99 Each
Certified organic Carrots $4.90 kg Bag
Certified organic Cauliflower $7.90 Each

(7 May – 13 May Inclusive – While Stock Lasts) Our fruit and veg’ growers are all checked endorsed by our supplier chain and largely certified organic with Biogro.

Why Eat Organic? Read the Article HERE


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