Tiger’s Eye ‘Protection, Confidence & Courage’ – Wise Cicada Crystal Profile

Earth and sun energies meet in this special golden, ochre stone. It is commonly regarded as a token of protection, Roman soldiers even wore engraved tiger’s eye pieces to protect them and imbue courage during battle.

It is thought to be a stone that supports grounding, encouraging the mind to focus and realise rational thought, objectivity, creative release and self worth. So it’s a good one to have in your pocket as you head into a day of study or assessment, work presentations and challenges, or interviews and auditions.  (And of course battle, if you are an ancient Roman soldier).

Judy Hall author of The Crystal Bible says tiger’s eye is said to aid in ‘facilitating correct use of power…. tiger’s eye supports integrity and assists in accomplishing goals.’

Perhaps a tiger’s eye stone is a significant one to take notice of if we are searching for tools to support our baseline levels in terms of motivation, achievement, integration and empathy as we work through our goals in life.

Chemistry: NaFe+3 (SIO3)2 Silicon Dioxide with impurities
Origin: USA, Mexico, India, Australia, South Africa
Chakra: Third Eye
Supports: brain, perception, yin-yang balance, internal conflicts, emotional balance

(Ref: Encyclopedia of The Crystals; Judy Hall; Fairwind Press; 2013)

You will find beautiful pieces cut and raw crystals and encounter knowledgeable staff at Wise Cicada organic store and cafe 88 Broadway, Newmarket, Auckland. So come on in and check out our in store crystal selection soon.

Pic of our $3 crystal bins to come

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