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Autumn Leaf Confetti – Eco-Friendly DIY Tips from Wise Cicada

Autumn Leaf Confetti

If you have a special occasion on the horizon and want to celebrate in style, yet remain mindful of the environment, then now is the time to be making leaf confetti. The colours and leathery texture of the first falling leaves in March are ideal.

All you need is some ‘time out’ for a leisurely walk and leaf-finding foray, a good quality hole punch and a glass storage jar.

– Plastic Free! – Biodegradable! – Sustainable! – Fun for Kids! – Relaxing for Adults! – No Leaf is Harmed in the Making!

Each handful of this handmade confetti thrown, will be imbued with your good intentions, congratulations and love for the person/people you made it especially for.

If you don’t have much time – collect and dry some rose petals as confetti – March is the perfect time of year. Tip: a dusting of Orris root powder will help keep them dry in storage.

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