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Up-cycled Envelopes – Eco-Friendly DIY Tips from Wise Cicada

You’ll never need to buy an envelope again if you up-cycle the brochures that you receive in your letter box each week.

Here’s an origami envelope folding technique to get you started. You can make some interesting and original envelopes if you experiment with other found materials eg. sheet music, wallpaper, magazine pages, old wrapping paper, packing materials………….

Step 1. Fold your paper on the diagonal to form a triangle. Cut to a Square.

Step 2. Take the top layer and fold it down to the bottom edge of your triangle.

Step 3. Using a ruler measure a third of the way in. Take the right corner of your triangle and fold it in to your 1/3 mark.

Step 4. Take your left corner and fold it to the edge of the right hand side. Flatten and crease.

Step 5. Take the top flap you’ve just folded and fold it back on itself. You want the corner of the triangle to touch the edge of the left hand side.

Step 6. Unfold, open and press flat to form a diamond shaped pocket.

Step 7. To finish your origami envelope, take the top of your triangle and fold it down. It should touch the bottom edge and fit inside your diamond pocket.

If you use very thick paper to make these origami envelopes you may need to press them overnight as the thicker paper does tend to spring back.

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