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Bands of earthy ochre colours with layers of intricate lacy stone make up the inwardly radiating dimensions of an agate geode. Once cracked open it will often offer spectacular aged centres of sparkling druzy quartz. The ultimate natural treasure trove…… like a precious egg from the Earth.

An agate is said to promote emotional, physical and intellectual balance. Being both grounding and cleansing, agates are thought to stabilize energy and harmonise yin and yang. Judy Hall (Author of The Crystal Bible) says ‘ Soothing and calming, this stone works slowly but with great strength.’

Said to facilitate acceptance of your Self and speaking your truth as well as overcoming bitterness,  healing inner anger and fostering courage too start again, an agate seems like a useful stone for most of us at some part of our lives. Encouraging the assimilation of life experiences, agate is thought to facilitate stable spiritual growth.

You will often find that an agate has been dyed to achieve a richer colour. Tumbled agate stone and slices of agate geodes are often bright reds, pinks, blues, greens, purples, orange etc. The process has been around for several hundred years in the European jewellery and gemstone cutting trade.

In ancient Roman history agate stones are recorded as being used as truth amulets, as a token to ensure bountiful crops when bound to the left arm and as a talisman to guard against snake bites.

Chemistry: SiO2 Silicon Dioxide
Origin: USA, India, Morocco, Czech Republic, Brazil, Africa
Chakra: varies according to its many colours and types
Supports: self confidence, concentration, perception, analytical abilities, emotional trauma

(Ref: Encyclopedia of The Crystals; Judy Hall; Fairwind Press; 2013)

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