Event: A Shamanic Sound Journey with Maren Lander

A Shamanic Sound Journey
with Maren Lander

Weds 11 April @ Wise Cicada
7pm – 8.30pm

Limited to Just 30 Attendees
Tickets $15
Purchase Tickets in Store Only
Learn More About Maren Here

This will be Maren’s last event at Wise Cicada before she ventures abroad, so don’t miss out. Using sound through voice, harmonics and rhythm is one of the oldest forms of healing. Each organism and everything in the universe has its own frequency and sound affects every single cell of our body.

A specific drum beat, as well as the vibrations of the gong, slow our brain waves down to a Theta state, which we usually only achieve in a deep state of meditation. That means we are more likely to hear the subtle voice of our soul over the shouting voice of our ego to receive messages form our spirit guides, angels or whoever we seek our guidance from.

You will spend most of this time laying down so please bring a yoga mat, blanket, cushion and everything else you might need to be comfortable.

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