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Recipes: Maca Week @ Wise Cicada 21 – 28 April

Raw Coconut and Maca Fudge

Our energising, delicious and health conscious version of a raw fudge contains no refined sugars and is gluten, dairy and egg free.   Get the Recipe HERE

Salted Caramel Maca Slice

Simply the best, creamy, salted caramel dessert there is … with the added benefit of maca. Try it in the cafe this week and be sure to grab the ingredients to make a supply at home.  Get the Recipe HERE

Maca Latte

An easy and tasty way to incorporate cooked maca into your daily routine, all the energising quotients akin to a coffee, without the caffeine and acidity. Get the Recipe HERE

Maca and Cacao ‘Nice’ Cream

Who could resist? Dive in and get the recipe link now! Your friends and family will love you for it.  Get the Recipe HERE

Traditional Incan Maca Tea

This is a traditional Peruvian way to drink maca. It’s a warming, rich and nourishing drink that will help you feel calm, focused, grounded, energised and revitalised.  Get the Recipe HERE

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