Celebrate Oktoberfest – Kombucha Style @ Wise Cicada

Our ‘take’ on Oktoberfest is a little different. Instead of sausage, beer, beer and more beer, we are sharing kombucha from the kegs on the Wise Cicada deck…. Sunday 8 October 11 – 3pm.…. to nourish you, we’re also serving vegan BBQ plates and vegan paella pans…… and to entertain you we’ve invited one of your fav’ artists, Franko Heke to perform.

Everything about the Oktoberfest is ‘upside down’ as we try to celebrate it here in the southern hemisphere, alcohol free at Wise Cicada. But we are going to do our best to replicate this fun celebration.

Traditionally a sixteen day community beer festival famous to Munich, Germany, Oktoberfest was a fairground of fun, food, BEER and games designed to promote Bavarian culture and agriculture during the end of summer.

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VEGAN OKTOBERFEST MENU – Available 11 – 3pm

Organic Vegan Grill Plate – $20
Grilled Mushrooms, Caramelised balsamic onions, Hash Browns, Tofu Scramble, Smashed avocado, Gluten free toast, Tempeh chorizo crumble

Organic Vegan Paella – $14
Seasonal vegetables, spanish spices and rice cooked in a traditional Paella pan with minced vegan chorizo

Kombucha on Tap $5 Glass from Organic Mechanic and Rene’s Kombucha

Franko Heke performs 12 – 2pm

See You There!