Grab your ‘foodie’ friends and join us for a delicious, healthy and fun-filled evening with like-minded people and good vibes at Wise Cicada’s latest pop-up, Kate Magic’s raw Chinese style banquet.

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International raw food chef and dietary expert, Kate Magic, uses generous amounts of super-foods in all her dishes, micro-algaes, medicinal mushrooms and adaptogens. Fermented foods and drinks are also on the menu to optimize digestion and careful food-combining is taken into consideration. Kate doesn’t use a lot of nuts or dried-fruit in her cuisine and all meals are low-glycaemic, following general Paleo and ketogenic principles.

But never mind the nutrition! What’s most important is that these events are super fun. The food is outstandingly delicious, the plating is beautiful, the settings are awesome and you know what the best part actually is? The guests. We love to bring together like-minded individuals for a wonderful evening of stimulating conversation with old friends and new. Limited numbers so don’t miss out! Book Here