Get to Know the Wise Cicada Team…..

Andrew – ‘Self proclaimed Gordon Ramsay from the Philippines working in New Zealand.’ Andrew is part of the kitchen team and loves to cook.


Nikki – ‘I love our customers, the awesome regulars make my day, they’re the reason I enjoy working at Wise Cicada. As a Reiki Practitioner it is wonderful to be surrounded by health promoting products and healing crystals in my job.’


Tin‘I have been working at Wise Cicada for the past two years and I have grown to love this place as my second home. I have always missed my family in the Philippines, but the owner of this place, as well as my colleagues have made me feel that I am a part of another family.’


Lucas –  ‘I’m a human being that’s seeking all kinds of knowledge and wisdom through new experiences in order to nurture myself into a greater and expanded way of being. I want to absorb everything that could bring more brightness and sense to our lives and also new ways to make life easier, healthier, more efficient and sustainable. Drawing and learning how to do things that are really worth knowing brings me a sense of aliveness. The certainty that we are transforming the world into a better place is my basic premise.’


Barb –  ‘I enjoy being a naturopathic consultant at Wise Cicada as I have the pleasure to meet such a wide selection of wonderful customers.’

Shaz‘I love the community at Wise Cicada and being surrounded by the amazing range of natural products.’


Konark‘I come from an Indian state where most of the population is vegetarian and epicurean. So I am excited to work each day in a vegan kitchen creating plant-based salads and meals for you.’

Azusa – ‘I’m working in the raw sweet kitchen (originally from Japan). I love to work with and share health conscious food and products at Wise Cicada’.


Katherine – ‘I have been working at Wise Cicada for almost one year. My favourite part about working here is the friendly customers and like-minded, health-conscious staff.’

Christabel – ‘I started at Wise Cicada in my final year of Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine degree, I now work here full time as the store, supplements and clinic manager. I love coming to work because of the people I work with and the rewarding feeling I get from helping customers.’


Shahram – ‘Hi, I’m Shahram, Originally from Tehran, Iran, my family and I moved to NZ for a better life and I enjoy working with a great team here.’

Rod – ‘Being the produce manager, I started from the ‘roots up’. Now I have ‘branched out’ into my own ‘field’. I will gladly ‘go out on a limb’ for anybody. I will always do it with a smile.’


Sabrina – ‘I am grateful to work in a café with kind values and good vibrations like Wise Cicada. Since I arrived, I’ve met so many warm people I will never forget. Customers and the café staff are now my second family.’

Natalia – ‘ I love working at Wise cicada because I’m surrounded by like-minded, supportive people and the food is awesome!’