High Potency Organic Atomised Red and Black Maca from Seleno Health

Red & Black Maca

Learn more about the health benefits of this special natural medicinal plant from Peru on Sunday 23 Sept 10.30am-2.30pm there’ll be Q & A opportunities with Dr Corin Storkey and sampling in store @ Wise Cicada.

There are three maca colour phenotypes; yellow, red and black. They all grow from the same plant or seed, however ‘mother nature’ (la pacha mama) will decide the ratio of coloured roots formed in each crop. Yellow maca is abundant and the common maca designated for everyday use. The red and black maca roots are very rare and were traditionally preserved only for very special medicinal use by the Incan shamans.

This new organic, atomised Red and Black Maca from Seleno Health is for specialised adrenal, endocrine and mental health support……. We are excited to now have access to this high dose, therapeutic, efficacy tested product from Peru. If you think it might be useful to support your health and wellbeing journey please come in to find out more and chat with our friendly naturopaths on the shop floor. Available 10.30-7 pm weekdays and 9.30-6 pm weekends.

With the guidance of a qualified practitioner, this high potency, atomised red maca powder is a powerful tool to support treatment protocols for menopause and PMS, mental health and mood, anxiety and depression, female fertility, bone density and osteoporosis and prostate hyperplasia.

While the organic atomised black maca may assist with, stamina and strength, energy and muscle endurance, anxiety and depression, mental focus and concentration, sexual dysfunction and libido, migraine and pain.

In summary? Red maca will support hormone health and help redress imbalance (particularly in the case of women’s health, however each individual’s needs will differ). Black maca will support energy, strength, endurance and libido. This maca is ten times more concentrated than in its natural form as a high-dose potent 10:1 extract. As always with Seleno Health maca you can be assured that it is ethically sourced from farm to table and tested for active constituent integrity.

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