Lemons: Immunity, Elimination and Agility

The trees are currently packed with these bright yellow, health-giving grenades of citrus goodness. Here’s why you should make the most of the abundance and maximise your fresh lemon intake this season.

Lemons for Immunity

Packed with citric acid (vitamin C), hesperidin (a bioflavanoid) and a host of beneficial essential oils (mostly limonene and citrol) a daily dose of fresh organic lemon juice and zest can help strengthen your immune system, providing antioxidant and even antimicrobial support, especially during times of cold or flu infection or endurance due to stress or extreme exercise.

Lemons are also highly alkalizing for the body, which in turn is beneficial for immunity. The vitamin C found in lemons is vital for the healthy functioning of other body systems, as well as enhancing the uptake of iron, a nutrient which is also supportive for optimum immunity.

Lemons for Elimination

Drinking water with fresh lemon may help flush your liver and kidney systems which in turn may aid digestive health and general well-being.

Lemons for Agility

The alkalising properties and powerful essential oils found in fresh organic lemons may provide anti-inflammatory relief. Clinical Study Here