Vegan Make-up: the Conscious Way to Go – INIKA – Certified Organic, Certified Vegan

Vegan Make-up: the Ethical Choice ….

We’re happy to offer you this excellent natural range of 100% cruelty free vegan cosmetics and brushes. Certifications guarantee no animal derivatives in the ingredients and no animal testing.

INIKA is also certified by OFC (Organic Food Chain) ensuring the Australian National Organic Standard, one of the highest standards worldwide for organic cosmetics. The INIKA products contain more than 70% Certified Organic ingredients.


INIKA has everything you need;

liquid and powder foundations;
bronzers; concealers; eye shadows;
eye liners & mascara;
application brushes;
chemical free / organic certifications;
plant and mineral based ingredients;
a positive example supporting the rights of animals;
professional quality and contemporary colours;

… and last, but not least, knowledgeable staff (like naturopath, Christabel pictured above) to advise you with your INIKA choices at Wise Cicada supporting your natural beauty both inside and out.