Organic Herbal Teas @ Wise Cicada

It’s always wise to consult one of our in store practitioners before purchasing loose herbal teas from our natural supplement department. Barb, Christabel and Shaz can talk you through how each herb may benefit health, any contraindications (reasons why some people should not take a certain tea), plus preparation and dosage. This week on our shelves… you will find a good range of certified organic herbal loose tea packaged in glass.

When brewing leafy herbs, it is a good idea to let the water cool slightly after it reaches boiling point before pouring onto your tea. Alternatively you can add a little cool water onto the leaves before adding the boiled water.

If you leave a strong brew to cool then place it in your fridge, you can regularly drink a cup throughout the next few days. Leafy herbs will need to steep for four hours, root and bark based herbs will take eight hours and flowers or seeds and pods two hours. A mason jar is a good vessel to steep and cool an infusion in.

When brewing root or bark herbs it is a good idea to use boiling water, or even continue to infuse over a low heat for a while in a pot, to ensure the beneficial elements are extracted from the root.

Some of Our Range:
Organic Oat Straw
 (Green Tips) – bone support
Organic Lemongrass – digestive support, antioxidant support
Organic Wormwood – parasitic elimination, detoxification
Organic Lemon Balm – Relaxation, Stress Support, Immune Support
Organic Valerian Leaf – Relaxation, Sleep Support (This one cannot be combined with certain medications so please check with our in store practitioner first)
Organic Milk Thistle – Liver Support, Digestive System Support
Organic Meadowsweet – Digestive Sytem Support, Anti-inflammatory Support
Organic Marshmallow – Respiratory System Support, Skin Support
Red Raspberry Leaf – Support for Menstruation and Pregnancy
Whole Senna Leaf – Digestion and Elimination Support
Pau de Arco Bark – Anti-fungal Support
Slippery Elm Powder – Digestive System Support
Organic Chicory Root – Digestive System Support, Inulin
Fo ti Powder – Stamina, Anti-aging Support (Check with our practitioners before taking this one.)
Organic Whole German Chamomile Flowers – Sleep, Nervous System Support, Digestive System Support
Whole Lavender Flowers – Relaxation, Sleep Support,
Whole Hawthorn Berries – Circulatory System Support (This one cannot be combined with certain medications so please check with our in store practitioner first)
Whole Rosehip – Vitamin C, Antioxidant Support, Immune Support
Organic Vitex – Hormonal Support for Women