Rapid Stress Release Masterclass

Rapid Stress Relief Masterclass

at Wise Cicada

Relieve Stress in Minutes!

with Valee More, Therapist and Coach

Monday, 29 October 2018 at 5.30pm-7.00pm

ONLY $10

Includes a Free workbook PDF

Can you imagine being able to rapidly relieve stress around any area of your life within minutes?

These two simple, but exceptionally effective processes that Valee will share with you work with clearing the adrenaline you experience whilst having a stress response.


In this Masterclass you will discover:

  • The mechanics of bad stress
  • How it affects your mind and health
  • How to clear the stress hormones that are automatically released into your blood stream during the fight/flight response with
  • Two very simple processes that will rapidly change the impact of stress in your life
  • Your needs underlying the stress and how you could respond differently

About Stress

The stress response or the fight/flight reflex is the body’s survival mechanism.  Its purpose is to rapidly move the body into fighting or fleeing.  This reflex is stimulated whenever you perceive any form of danger.

Many people are suffering from the adverse effects of stress due to the consequence of adrenalin circulating the body and not being able to physically act on it.  Eventually this prevents the body coming back in to homeostasis (balance).

Benefits of Rapidly Relieving Stress

Learning how to rapidly relieve stress is a very simple step that anyone can take

  • It is not only good for your general health, wellbeing and happiness
  • It also helps to clear your mind so that it can function normally
  • It helps with the ability to gain clarity around challenges in your life and to see solutions and a bigger picture
  • One of the immense benefits that I see with my clients is that they become much more resourceful and are able to easily make positive choices and changes

Success Story

The techniques and processes that Valee has developed through her experience working with psychosynthesis for the past 26 years and coaching, are extremely quick as they rapidly rewire the brain.

The following shows how effective a rapid stress relief session can be.  This is the experience of one of Valee’s female clients who was still living with the stress of an unresolved physical assault in 1984 whilst walking through a park. Her stress/emotional levels were as follows before her first session: (5/5 = extreme).  She had also experienced the deaths of two close relatives, although that wasn’t the focus for this session.  The assault was the focus.

Outraged, Overwhelmed 5/5

Apprehensive, Despaired, Distressed, Helpless, Hopeless, Muddled, Panicked, Paralysed 4/5

After the first session her stress/emotional levels reduced to:

Outraged 1/5 Overwhelmed 3/5   Apprehensive, Distressed, Helpless, Hopeless 1/5

Despaired, Muddled, Panicked, Paralysed 2/5

Valee specialises in helping people who are struggling with the detrimental effects of stress and/or trauma, or going through the power struggle in their relationship.  She helps them to positively rebuild their lives or relationship.

Please note that this Masterclass is not suitable for anyone with a very high level of stress, e.g. 8/10 or higher, or are on psychiatric medication.  Please contact Valee for a chat if you require support: 021 123 8890


Registration & Payment

Contact Valee on 021 123 8890
Online Registration Coming Soon


Masterclass Preparation

You will receive a workbook.  Please fill out the self-assessment and intention prior to the Masterclass.


Refund policy: sorry no refunds.  The Masterclass will be rescheduled in the unlikely event that it is cancelled by the facilitator.


I really look forward to sharing these simple but extremely effective tools that have the ability to rapidly transform your life.

Valee More

You can register or gain more info by contacting Valee on 021 123 8890.