Top Tips During ‘Plastic Free July’

Doing our best individually and collectively to eliminate and reduce plastic usage and impact is a non-negotiable responsibility in 2018.

When we vet new products for the Wise Cicada grocery aisles, sustainability of packaging is always a criteria. Unfortunately, even our organic, ethically sourced products are often packaged in plastic. Food safety regulations dictate certain standards, but it is our hope that (like the packaging options now mainstream in every good cafe) food manufacturers and processors will increasingly have plastic free systems to use.

At Wise Cicada, our bulk food bins are the best place to start. Bring along your reusable or recycled bags or use our unbleached paper bags.

Purchasing Food

Glass is the top pick when it comes to wet food packaging vessels. It will not leach unwanted compounds into your food and is recyclable. Paper and cardboard are obviously more sustainable than plastic. If you are buying canned items look for those with PBA free linings.

If you’ve forgotten to bring a shopping bag, Wise Cicada provides paper grocery checkout bags or recycled boxes as you reach the counter.

Storing Food

We sell a range of glass jars and bottles at Wise Cicada. So you can arrange your organic pantry items in plastic free style.

If you haven’t used them already, beeswax/cloth wraps will mean you can transport food or store food in your refrigerator safely without the use of  plastic cling film. They last for a long time, so you can reuse them again and again. Once they no longer work they are 100% biodegradable. We have a range on offer at Wise Cicada. These wraps are also simple to make yourself at home if you have a penchant for DIY.

Carrying a re-usable drink bottle, coffee cup or meal container each day is perhaps one of the primary places we can all reduce plastic waste. Check out our ranges online. Wise Cicada cafe will give you a .50 cent discount on coffee when you bring your own re-usable cup.

Waste and Disposal Systems

Worm farms and  compost systems are an important part of managing household waste. If you are unfamiliar with using them, check out the Compost Collective for info and classes on composting, and implementing zero waste systems for your household.

Compostable rubbish bags like the Bio Bag range are made of vegetable cellulose and will break down quickly in commercial composting systems.

We also have a good range of compostable disposable plates and crockery for your party and picnic needs at Wise Cicada.

The Plastic Free Bathroom

Your bathroom cupboards are perhaps the most difficult area of the house to label ‘plastic free. Initiating 100% plastic free toiletry ranges in your bathroom takes a little product research, as a deodorant without plastic packaging is not yet available in every corner shop. We’ve explored this idea for you in a previous article:  The Plastic Free Bathroom  We also have an article here packed with recipes for DIY natural household cleaning products.

Audit Cleaning Products and Household Items

Being plastic free means you probably value natural things made with care and sustainability in mind. At Wise Cicada we’ll always state that functional home-ware looks more aesthetic when made from natural eco-friendly materials within ethical manufacturing and supply chain models. For example, check out our eco-friendly kitchen utensil range and fab’ stone cooking pots…….

Choose scrubbing brushes made from natural biodegradable fibres and wood; choose cooking utensils and vessels that are free from silicon, teflon and plastic. Make your own cleaning products in refillable glass bottles or purchase bulk amounts at refill stations to minimize the generation of packaging.

If you haven’t caught it already we have an article here packed with recipes for DIY natural household cleaning products.