Volunteer in Peru with Seleno Health July 2018

Once a year there is an opportunity to join Seleno Health as part of a unique and special cultural and social exchange experience in Junin, Peru (at the top of the Andes 4000m). You will work on the maca farm during  harvest, practice or learn Spanish, immerse yourself in the Incan culture, learn about how your food is sourced and engage with the local community through Seleno Health’s social responsibility programme.

You can assist with running educational and social programmes which help improve the quality of life for the community and discover the amazing rich culture and history behind the people that produce your food. Live and breath the simple farming lifestyle that has been part of the Incan civilisation for centuries. Learn More About this Incredible Opportunity HERE 

When people meet Dr Corin Storkey and Sally Huapaya, the young couple behind Seleno Health maca, they cannot help but become immediately engaged in their story and the passion with which they promote their maca brand.

Sally’s family are from the Junin region of Peru and she grew up immersed in the farming culture of the Andes that defines the Incan descendants of the region. The Jujin area is the home of maca. This therapeutic Andean plant only grows above 3800m in a tiny area of high mountain plateau in the region.

In the face of burgeoning international interest, consumerism and in some cases exploitation directed towards this Peruvian industry, Sally and Corin have made it their purpose to help protect the traditional farming techniques and cultural systems surrounding maca in the region.

They have also created an agricultural model that is ethical and sustainable for everybody involved. Aligning with farmers in a combined goal of benefiting the Incan farming community in their town of San Jose de Quero.

A percentage of all profits go back into supporting the local village school and each year Sally and Corin take volunteers up to the village to help in the maca harvest. A once in a lifetime experience for those of us coming from New Zealand. Learn More