Wise Cicada Urban Health Retreat Workshops – Food for Healing / Yoga / Sound Healing

Wise Cicada Urban Health Retreat Series

The first of our exciting new urban health retreat workshop series ‘kicks off’ 20 March 2018. It’s an opportunity for you to learn and experience a holistic raft of lifestyle skills from cooking with healing foods to yoga for body/mind and sound healing.

With just 18 places available it will be a sociable experience with a high ratio of tutor/attendee interaction and support for all who participate.

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That’s 12 Workshops encompassing cooking, yoga and sound healing (a total 16 hours of high value interactive learning and experience)

Plus – Be one of the first 5 to register to go in the draw to have the entire course paid for!

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Workshop Series: ‘Cooking for Health’

with Chef and Holistic Nutrition Consultant Gautam Narayan of ‘Nourish Holistic Nutrition’

4 sessions (That’s a Total 8 Hours of Learning, Fun and Inspiration)

TOPIC: The Healing Kitchen

2 hours per week (Tuesdays)
7 to 9pm @ Wise Cicada Kitchen

20 March
27 March
3 April
10 April

Science acknowledges that food can play a powerful role in creating an inhospitable environment for illnesses. This course is a guide and a plan to have nourishing food that can protect you from illness or to help you through the process of recovery and healing from illness.

Join Wise Cicada Head Chef and Nutrition Consultant Gautam Narayan in a comprehensive course designed to expand your knowledge of and practical ability to use food for healing purposes. Gautam specialises in designing menus and preparing food for people with both acute and chronic illness. He has trained at the Gawler Institute (Australia) and the Bauman College of Holistic Nutrition and Culinary Arts (USA). Gautam has chosen to specialise in nutritional support for people with cancer, saying, “You are what you assimilate, not just what you eat” He has many years of experience cooking and consulting with clients as well as steering our Wise Cicada kitchen.

Learn More About Gautam HERE

Workshop Series: Yoga

with Yoga Instructor Azusa  surname

1 hour per week (Wednesdays)
Time pm @ The Yoga Corner 489 Khyber Pass Rd, Newmarket

21 March
28 March
4 April
11 April

In these yoga classes you will gain deepened relaxation, open up your heart space, stimulate lymphatic & hormone system activity, strengthen nervous system, experience emotional healing, practice breathing technique and reduce stress.

First Week: Open up your Body, Mind & Heart Space. Chanting
Second Week: Learn Yogic Breathing Technique & Release Emotions
Third Week: Vinyasa Flow. Strengthen the Core
Fourth Week: Complete all with Yoga Nidra

Transform yourself and live your life happy & abundant from within.

Learn More About Azusa HERE

Workshop Series: Sound Healing

with Kundalini Yoga Instructor and Shamanic Meditation Facilitator Maren Lander 

1 hour per week (Thursdays)
Time pm @ The Yoga Corner 489 Khyber Pass Rd, Newmarket or Wise Cicada?

22 March
29 March
5 April
12 April

Does Maren have something to pitch? Is it diff each week or am I trying to write something to describe it? Let me know.

Learn More About Maren HERE